Deborah Svatos

Deborah Svatos


Deborah Svatos is a senior at the Institute of American Indian Arts with aspirations of becoming a novelist. Svatos had intended to become a paleontologist to fulfill a lifelong dream, but found that writing was the path she truly wanted to take. That decision to prioritize her love of the craft brought her first to Santa Fe Community College and then to IAIA, where she is set to graduate in the spring of 2019.

Her work has been published in the “2018 Santa Fe Literary Review” and in “Chrysalism:  IAIA Student Anthology 2018.” As a wanderer, she is from everywhere and nowhere. She began writing at the age of nine as a form of self-expression after encouragement from her English teacher, Mrs. Bolt, beginning with poetry and eventually moving into her preferred genre, fiction. Within fiction, she loves writing fantasy and science fiction stories most of all.

Svatos takes inspiration from the world around her and seeks to capture the emotion of important situations, hoping to use the poignancy of these events to create art that moves people. The beauty in every person, place, and situation drive her to write, compelling her to see the best in everything and everyone in the process.

Beyond writing, subjects that interest her include film, music, art, folklore, mythology, and paleontology. Reading, drawing, singing, and playing the piano are among the favorite activities she chooses to pursue outside of her main love of writing.  Svatos approaches everything she loves with her signature passion and boundless enthusiasm, giving all of herself to the things she cares most about. Currently, she resides in Santa Fe with her dog, Duffy.