Hailey Suina

Hailey Suina


Hailey Suina is from the Pueblo of Cochiti and the Navajo Nation. As a child, she grew up hearing the legends and tales of her tribal communities, which instilled in her a passion to share stories with those who have an ear to listen.

Suina is a creative writing student at the Institute of American Indian Arts where she is pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a writer. Currently in her fourth year at IAIA, she is focusing on fiction writing with her major, and minoring in Indigenous liberal studies

After obtaining her undergraduate degree in the spring of 2020, Suina plans to further her education by pursuing a master’s degree in creative writing at IAIA.

Her fiction piece “Arrow Boy & She-Who-Makes-The-Way,” was published in the “2016-2017 IAIA Student Anthology, Sonder.” Suina strives to represent her tribal communities well and hopes her writing brings people strength. She plans to develop a career as an editor or novelist, and wants to try her hand on her newfound interest – journalism, and write for tribal publications and news outlets focused on Indigenous issues.

Suina was recently awarded a $15,000 scholarship for the 2019 academic year from Go Overseas and Education New Zealand to expand her experiences and knowledge by learning leadership skills from the Māori people.