Poets Share the Truth of Their Words

By Nancy Beauregard  “Poetry started out as an oral tradition. Before we wrote poems, we spoke them aloud,” said poet Joaquín Zihuatanejo at the Institute of American Indian Arts on Oct. 4, 2018. The poetry reading featured Zihuatanejo, an IAIA alumnus, and Natasha Carrizosa, both experts in spoken word poetry which is a mix of poetry and storytelling.  Zihuatanejo is a writer, poet, teacher and slam poetry artist. His poems and short stories are published...
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The Cruise by Jon Davis

“I never understood the idea of finding your voice,” says Jon Davis, “because I found so many.” This is from the man most famous for his readings as Chuck Calabreze, the raspy-voiced ex-biker who loves cargo pants, bandannas, sunglasses at night, and reading poems on why everyone at a poetry reading is only waiting for...
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