September 26, 2011

The Cruise by Jon Davis

“I never understood the idea of finding your voice,” says Jon Davis, “because I found so many.” This is from the man most famous for his readings as Chuck Calabreze, the raspy-voiced ex-biker who loves cargo pants, bandannas, sunglasses at night, and reading poems on why everyone at a poetry reading is only waiting for...
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Chad Gasper: Sponsoring Student Success

              Toward the end of the Institute of American Indian Arts’ administrative offices, there’s a tiny cubicle, exceptional only for its décor.    Wire sculptures perch atop  dividing walls that are papered in old flyers from  Culture Club sales and events.   In the midst of all this chaos,...
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Charlene Teters: Art and Conviction

Fellow students and future successful artists, take note: Your art career does not simply happen to you. You choose it. Just ask internationally renowned Spokane Indian artist and activist Charlene Teters, who noted recently in our interview: “My art was a vehicle to make my voice bigger.”
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Fit Club with Loretta Gabaldon

                  Standing in a bathroom stall, partially naked, I begin to wonder what guys are thinking when they come in and see my clothes scattered on the floor. With a quick break in between class, an opportunity has emerged, to get a quick run in between sessions....
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Freshman Among Us: Introducing Dalton J. Torres

He sits calmly, awaiting his afternoon interview, sporting his white Fudgesicle T-shirt, jeans, unlaced shoes and his plastic “I love boobies” bracelet. Dalton J. Torres who is known in exclusive social circles by the moniker of D.J. is quietly watching his fancy formal Chinese tea being prepared by an upperclassman named Mildred. There is a...
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Projects to Come: Annie McDonnell

A year ago, I noticed a clearing between the academic and family housing buildings on the campus belonging to the Institute of American Indian Arts. Built on the rolling hills of Rancho Viejo on the outskirts of Santa Fe, the campus overlooks Interstate 25 running North and South, the Jemez and Sangre de Cristo Mountains....
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