November 6, 2013

ASK AN OLD CROW: “My Voice Has Been Taken Away”

Dear Old Crow, I heard your wings this morning before I knew you existed in this medium. Before I ask for your advice, I think I know what it will be. The question is, What should I do? My voice has been taken away.
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Weight Loss the Natural Way

By JOANN BISHOP, CSCS   Director, Health and Wellness Wanna lose a couple pounds?   Just eat less and exercise more.   End of story. We all know if it was just that easy, no one would be carrying around a “little extra.”   Food is an integral part of our life, our culture, our...
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Fresh From the Garden: Northern New Mexico Gardening Tips

By ELIZABETH LUCERO My husband, Robert Lucero, and I started cultivating our ¾-acre property in Alcade about six years ago. In those six years, we have been very blessed and successful with our crops.
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Native Resistance: Decolonizing My Birth Experience

by CHRISTINA CASTRO Back story: My mom was born on the pueblo here in New Mexico with the assistance of a traditional midwife. The plan was for my grandmother to birth at the Indian hospital in Albuquerque, but as she could tell the baby was coming, they knew they weren’t going to make the hour...
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IAIA’s Front Door

By Gaelyn Hite Construction  of IAIA’s   Welcome Center began in August of last year with the influx of heavy machinery and the grading of land. The Welcome Center will be the designated place for visitors, new and prospective students, tour groups and alumni to gather and begin their trip across the school’s campus.
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Be Proud to be OUT: An Interview with Two of the Volunteers of NativeOUT

BY COLLESTIPHER D. CHATTO NativeOUT, a website for the gay community,  is coordinated by IAIA students, Terra Mathews-Hartwell (Tsimshian/Carrier) and Louva Hartwell (Diné). Louva is the website’s director and her wife, Terra, is the communications director. They have been actively involved in the online organization for lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, and queer people since 2005.
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