December 5, 2013

All in the Naming: A Talk with Jamaica Kincaid

BY COLLESTIPHER D. CHATTO It’s hard to believe now, but noted Antiguan-American writer, Jamaica Kincaid, once feared she would fail at writing. Kincaid was in Santa Fe on Oct. 16 for a reading at the Lensic Performing Arts Center as part of the Lannan Reading and Conversation series.
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Watching Amanda Trusty’s “Roar” Through an Indigenous Woman’s Lens

By SASHA LAPOINTE   Last week, burlesque performer and choreographer, Amanda Trusty’s video performance of Katy Perry’s “Roar,” exploded all over the internet. I watched each of my girlfriends as they posted the clip to their blogs and Facebook pages, commending Trusty for her bravery, confessing their own deeply emotional responses to the video.
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IAIA’s Cross Country Club: Running Back to Balance

By KAMELLA BIRD-ROMERO A new path for the active and health-aware IAIA community is unfolding in the form of a cross country class. The class and club members represent the school enthusiastically at meets across New Mexico.
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EATING HEALTHY: What’s in Your Pantry?

By JOANN BISHOP, CSCS   Director, Health and Wellness                                                                                            ...
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