Campus Culture

Surge of Power in a Cage

By JOANN BISHOP The next time you drop by the Fitness Center, you’ll notice a new piece of equipment:   the power cage.
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Green Light on a Thanksgiving Splurge

By JOANN BISHOP   Thanksgiving is one day specifically set aside to count blessings and enjoy a meal with friends and/or family.   It’s OK to overeat a little bit on a special day ”“ overeating one day every now and then is easily accommodated because your body will speed up your metabolic rate to...
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Fall Cooking

  by VERONICA A. CLARK Halloween is just around the corner and after all the stress from midterms, it’ll be nice to wind down and make some treats. Here are some recipes for Halloween snacks that I found:
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Why Food Day?

By JOANN BISHOP Why take a day to celebrate food and eating?   Read on to find out!
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A Long Hard Road Back to IAIA: Student Debt

BY COLLESTIPHER D. CHATTO Fifty-two students who attended IAIA last school year didn’t return this fall semester, nearly half of them due to financial holds on their accounts, according to information from Enrollment Management Director, Nena Anaya.   Justin BigHair and Veronica Jourdain are among the 23 students enrolled in Spring 2013 not able to...
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EATING HEALTHY: What’s in Your Pantry?

By JOANN BISHOP, CSCS   Director, Health and Wellness                                                                                            ...
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Gardening is Good for Mind, Body and Soul

By TERRA RAE MATTHEWS Being Tsimshian (Eagle Clan) and a member of the L’heidli T’enneh Nation from British Columbia, Canada, I grew up around a family that lived off the ocean; we have always looked to the land for our food. Fishing and harvesting sea food is very different than farming in New Mexico, so...
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