Santa Fe’s Ghost Walking Tour

By Anna Nelson Santa Fe, NM ”” According to professional guide Allan Wheeler, who leads Santa Fe’s GHOSTWALKER tour, no one really knows what a ghost is made of, but around these parts, he has narrowed it down to three types of haunting “personalities.” “The first kind of ghost is the Stephen King-type: Malicious, does...
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Apocalypse Now!

By Byron Aspaas Santa Fe, NM ”” The Student Success Center was filled with trash as the air blew scraps of paper through the building each time the door opened to visitors. Groups of students stood in circles grooming one another with tape and wire, attaching and reattaching articles of clothing, while pieces of their...
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Bakken Shale Oil Brings Increased Wealth, Problems

By Donna Hall New Town, N.D. – Mary Price sat on the porch of her newly bought home on the edge of the Little Missouri River holding her daughter in her arms. “I know that life would have been a little harder if the money from the oil wasn’t here, but I wish the money...
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Five Minutes With Amy Goodman

By Christine Trudeau Investigative journalist, co-founder and host of the radio and television program Democracy Now, Amy Goodman, is one of the most trusted faces in independent journalism today. Goodman has interviewed a wide range of voices across the globe: established thinkers, activists, politicians, and artists such as Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Gore Vidal, Dennis...
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Lakota People Voice Concerns Over Bear Butte Land Sale

By Warren Giago Santa Fe, NM – One of the sacred sites to the Great Sioux Nation will be offered up for sale on November 30th. The site is Bear Butte, or Pe’Sla in Lakota, and it is situated in the Southwestern corner of the state of South Dakota in Black Hills National Forest. It...
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The City Of Santa Fe Wants A Uniformed Appearance

By Monty Little Santa Fe, NM ”“ In the City Different, fine art is pivotal to its culture; moreover, galleries across the city use art’s nature as a tourist grabber. Santa Fe was built and thrives on art, but there is another side of art slowly emerging around the city. It’s mysteriously creative, often engaging...
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Streetlights: Riding Along With The Santa Fe Police

I. Byron Aspaas   Sitting within a patrol unit is a decorated young man. In a custom-fitted outfit made of navy-blue material, the young man’s top torso is decorated with off-colored patches, a shiny shield, and a belt ornamented with different gadgets. His name is Justin Apadoca. He stands near 6’0”, slim, clean shaven, and...
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