Building on the Paths of the Sun

Standing in the middle of the “dance circle,” where the school’s annual powwow takes place (officially referred to as the “central plaza”), you can look in almost any direction and glimpse the various buildings that the past few years of development have garnered for the school. These buildings are painted in various earth tones””burnt orange...
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Charlene Teters’ Obelisk and Mound: To the Heroes

How many times have you walked though the plaza, strolled right by the obelisk””the tall pointy monument on the same side as Haagen-Dazs””and never once stopped to consider why it was there or what it said? When the artist and political activist Charlene Teters saw the obelisk, she not only noticed it, she saw it...
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How To Break Jewelry

What is jewelry? What can it be? Brian Fleetwood’s jewelry is alive. Fleetwood sits at a work desk, bent over a piece of metal. The metal glints in the setting sun that streams through the high windows in the jewelry studio, a yellow light that finds the dust motes suspended in the air on these...
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Gallup’s Silver Lining

Imagine driving Eastbound on Interstate 40. You’ve already crossed the California/Arizona state line, and you’re reaching the eastern end of Arizona. The New Mexico border is a just a few miles ahead. You notice plastic animals: a deer, bear, and elk are propped against red cliffs towering above a tall wooden fence with “Chief Yellowhorse”...
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A Visit to the Chuck Jones Gallery

          Once you have heard a strange audience burst into laughter at a film you directed, you realize what the word joy is all about. ””Chuck Jones, 1912-2002 My experience in Chuck Jones Gallery at Santa Fe: a room full of Looney Tunes on the wall, which bring back childhood memories....
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Fashion Victim: Where is My Mind?

Remember when Doogie Howser, M.D. sat each night at his computer by the window, pondering his entire day’s work at the hospital, typing on his electronic journal, reflecting about his smart braniac maneuvers of saving lives, performing heroic gestures”¦in a white overcoat that covered his awful choices in bad clothing? I do, but I didn’t...
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Dear Tammy: A Q & A with an IAIA Alum

Beatresea (“Tressy) Kien put pressing questions to IAIA alum and artist Tammy Rahr. Below are Kien’s questions and Rahr’s responses, based on the interview. Dear Tammy, Institute of American Indian Arts Alumni, How do you think IAIA helped you? What is your degree in? What does it take to graduate from IAIA? How did IAIA...
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