Jesse Short Bull

Miguel Reyes Contreras and the Art of Language

By Jesse Short Bull Imagine being told you couldn’t speak your language. Whether it’s English, Spanish or Lakota, pretend someone told you that you must learn another language for your survival. Imagine being told that if you communicate in the way that your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and hundreds of generations before, that it is...
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Rez Style: Haircuts Shape a Community

By Jesse Short Bull     Jacob “JB” Briggs  is quickly earning a reputation for being one  of  Santa Fe’s best kept secrets when it comes to  fine  haircuts. Briggs,  a  20-year-old college freshmen  and  a  cinematic arts major  at the Institute of American  Indian  Arts,  has seen  his  haircuts and expertise  flourish over the...
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