Katharina Deiter

Hidden Gems in the IAIA Library

By: Katharina Deiter You can’t judge a book by its cover– particularly the 195,000 books, more or less, at the IAIA library. Though small, the library boasts an extensive collection that ranges from Native American art and culture to graphic design, the classics, and a sizable DVD section.
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IAIA Alumna Crystal Worl Among 5 Native Artists Honored by Vice President

By: KATHARINA DEITER Tlingit/Athabascan artist and IAIA alumna Crystal Worl was honored alongside Tony Abeyta (Navajo), Jeff Kahm (Plains Cree), Courtney Leonard (Shinnecock Nation) and Dan Namingha (Tewa-Hopi) at a reception at  Vice President Joe Biden’s residence on Oct. 27 to showcase Native American art from all over the country.  
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Creating a Sense of Community for Indigenous Queers at IAIA

By: KATHARINA DEITER The Indigenous Queers Plus club (IQ+) is a safe space for those who identify as queer people of color on campus. Despite the term “Indigenous” in the title, Emma DeMarr, public relations officer for the club, said that this club is also an open and accepting place for allies and those of...
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