Lyric Snodgrass

Opinion: An Open Letter to IAIA from an Agender-Pansexual

By Lyric Snodgrass Since coming out as agender (and yes, I’ve heard every “special snowflake” joke conservatives make and every passing “that’s not real” comment you can come up with) and started using they/them in the spring of 2018, I’ve paid closer attention to the way the Institute of American Indian Arts treats its transgender...
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IAIA Learning Lab Offers Support to Students

By Lyric Snodgrass As finals week approaches, students tend to be more on-edge, worrying about that paper they need to revise or stress about how well they think they’ll do on that test next week or try to squeeze in that last-minute bit of extra credit. But for students struggling through the workload, there is...
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Pathways Council Focuses on Solutions for a Stronger Campus

By Lyric Snodgrass  For struggling students, the Institute of American Indian Arts Pathways Council might be the best place to voice concerns. The IAIA Pathways Council provides an open forum for students, faculty and administration to come together to discuss issues on campus and to work through those issues.   “We focus on bringing up problems and talking about solutions, not just complaining,” says Jessie Ryker-Crawford,...
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