A Letter From the Editors

Dear readers:

It is our pleasure to welcome you back to the IAIA Chronicle for its first publication since 2018.

The IAIA Chronicle is an independent, student-led news outlet. Since its first online publication, in 2003, it has been a platform for IAIA students to share stories important to our school and the local community, as well as those that affect students’ home communities.

The past year has been unlike any in IAIA’s history. We have all faced unexpected challenges in both our personal and academic lives, and many of us have left campus and returned to our home communities. Although this has created a sense of isolation and disconnection from the campus community for many, it has also been a unique opportunity for the Chronicle to explore stories not just from IAIA’s immediate locale, but from anywhere a Zoom interview and remote research can take us. 

Those stories include remote education during the pandemic, an emerging artist’s profile, water access and planting difficulties in the Navajo Nation, seed saving and the introduction of bees on campus, New Mexico’s complex relationship with the Santa Fe Plaza obelisk, and more. 

As graduating editors, we have striven to bring you thoughtful and engaging stories that inform while showcasing students’ creative voices. We look forward to seeing the Chronicle evolve in the hands of future editorial teams and reading the work of next year’s journalism classes. 

We would like to thank our writers, everyone who has supported the Chronicle’s reemergence, and, most of all, our readers. 

Stay gold,

Annabella Farmer and Tovah Strong

Annabella Farmer

Annabella Farmer is an editor at the IAIA Chronicle and a senior in the Creative Writing department whose journalism can be seen in High Country News, the Santa Fe Reporter and Searchlight New Mexico, and whose fiction is soon to be published in After the Pause.

Tovah Strong

Tovah Strong is an editor at the IAIA Chronicle and a senior pursuing a BFA in writing at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her previous journalistic work can be found in High Country News and Searchlight New Mexico.