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A Letter From the Editors

Dear readers: It is our pleasure to welcome you back to the IAIA Chronicle for its first publication since 2018. The IAIA Chronicle is an independent, student-led news outlet. Since its first online publication, in 2003, it has been a platform for IAIA students to share stories important to our school and the local community,...
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A computer keyboard.

Distance Learning: Can After-School Tutoring Help Kids Catch Up?

By Desta Shaw When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, schools had to scramble to find ways to educate students from a distance. “There’s been a huge disconnect between teachers and students,” says Cara Hyatt, a coordinator with the Santa Fe–based tutoring program Mentoring Kids Works NM. According to Hyatt, the transition to online learning put elementary...
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A home podcasting setup.

The Indigenous Futurist

By Chachee Valentine Deserts away from the concrete jungle of Silicon Valley, past mesas and juniper grassland, to open plains of oak and mesquite, Téo Montoya and his uncle shared a ride to visit family in their Texas homelands. After seeking input from a savvy, respected elder on the steps needed to create a sustainable...
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A lemon slice cut into the shape of Pac-Man pursues a line of peas and a ghost-shaped chicken nugget across a plate.

Ghosts of the Food Industry

By Debon Victor The COVID-19 pandemic has left many restaurants without income, as shutdowns have severed dine-in eaters from servers and both virtual and ghost kitchens compete for customers on delivery apps. That competition, however, has led to too many online restaurants. Now those same restaurants that faced grim pandemic prospects are facing a second...
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Sonwai Wakayuta: Artist and Activist

By Tiana Martinez Sonwai Wakayuta (Hualapai and Hopi) paints mirrored white lines, creating a mural from a maze-like trail of fingerprints. Her brushstrokes move in spirals, creating two paths that threaten to clash but never meet. Wakayuta says that a mural is a painting with its own breath and life, one that writes its own...
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Multicolored ears of corn in a shoe box.

In Rock Point, Water Is Scarce but Growers Persist

By Shantel Chee Jenny Harvey sits with a shoebox next to her. She opens the shoebox to reveal blue, red, white, and mixed corn. She reaches down and grabs the smallest corncobs. “These are the corn that doesn’t get enough water,” she says.
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The base of the Santa Fe plaza obelisk after the monument was removed is splattered with red paint; the words "Land Back" are spray painted on it in black.

The Santa Fe Obelisk Has Been Torn Down. Now What?

By Teklu Hogan On October 12, 2020, at the fifth annual Indigenous People’s Day in New Mexico, a crowd of about 50 occupied the historic Santa Fe Plaza in peaceful protest. Participants sang traditional songs, conversed with bystanders, and held signs that brought attention to a diverse array of issues affecting Indigenous people both around...
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