Student Work from IAIA Professor Rivera’s Studio Arts Class

By the Chronicle Staff

Robert Lopez

Artist’s statement

My artwork revolves around storytelling and fantastical concepts. I work in multiple mediums but stick mainly to drawing, digital artwork, and writing. I tackle political and societal issues in a new light in my works by twisting them into fantasy/uncommon scenarios. My intent is to tell a story and entertain but I also find myself revolving around the imaginary. I like to paint, draw, and write my own worlds. Inside these worlds are amazing and impossible wonders, with just enough of reality and life to make it feel believable. I hope to provide great stories into the world, and inspire people to think about impossible and wonderful thoughts that they may never have thought to think.

Alex Dalen and Jacob Tyndall works are also featured. Their artist statements were not available by the publication deadline.


Image courtesy of Robert Lopez
Image courtesy of Jacob Tyndall
Image courtesy of Alex Dalen


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