November 13, 2015

Family and Friends Score Big In Thanksgiving Survey

 By VIVIAN CARROLL Gathering with family and friends to cook and eat is the top reason the IAIA community celebrates the upcoming holiday.     In an online survey available to the entire IAIA community, students, faculty, staff and administration, 87 respondents shared how they celebrated or didn’t celebrate the traditional American Thanksgiving.    
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Student Life Shuttle Helps Students Get Around

by VERONICA A. CLARK As an off-campus student without a car, I know that transportation can be an issue for IAIA students.  Taking the Santa Fe Trails city bus home, which  involves transferring at the mall,  can take over two hours.  To drive home would only take about fifteen minutes.
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Performing Arts Program Returns After 20 Years

By VIVIAN CARROLL IAIA’s inaugural performing arts program burned brightly for a decade before the stellar Lights leading the program moved on.   Twenty years later, an effort to revitalize the performing arts succeeded until a financial crisis in 1995 ended the program.   Now, 20 more years later, the performing arts program as returned...
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Visiting Writer Stephen Graham Jones Shares Insights

by VERONICA A. CLARK For the past twenty years, Stephen Graham Jones, Blackfeet, has been turning out stories in multiple genres. Jones has now authored over 220 stories, fifteen novels, and six story collections.
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Food Day a Success

by VERONICA A. CLARK IAIA’s first Food Day held in late October was a success, according to Guido Lambelet, general manager of Bon Appetit and JoAnn Bishop, fitness and wellness director.
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Two Students Place Style into IAIA T-shirts

by BODERRA JOE Seeing the need for more creativity in t-shirt designs at IAIA, two enterprising studio arts seniors have designed their own t-shirts, using spray paint and stencil. Looking at IAIA’s school t-shirts from an artistic perspective, Amanda Beardsley and Justus Benally found them dreary.
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Surge of Power in a Cage

By JOANN BISHOP The next time you drop by the Fitness Center, you’ll notice a new piece of equipment:   the power cage.
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