Distance Learning: Can After-School Tutoring Help Kids Catch Up?

By Desta Shaw When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, schools had to scramble to find ways to educate students from a distance. “There’s been a huge disconnect between teachers and students,” says Cara Hyatt, a coordinator with the Santa Fe–based tutoring program Mentoring Kids Works NM. According to Hyatt, the transition to online learning put elementary...
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Ghosts of the Food Industry

By Debon Victor The COVID-19 pandemic has left many restaurants without income, as shutdowns have severed dine-in eaters from servers and both virtual and ghost kitchens compete for customers on delivery apps. That competition, however, has led to too many online restaurants. Now those same restaurants that faced grim pandemic prospects are facing a second...
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The Santa Fe Obelisk Has Been Torn Down. Now What?

By Teklu Hogan On October 12, 2020, at the fifth annual Indigenous People’s Day in New Mexico, a crowd of about 50 occupied the historic Santa Fe Plaza in peaceful protest. Participants sang traditional songs, conversed with bystanders, and held signs that brought attention to a diverse array of issues affecting Indigenous people both around...
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Native American Museums Pave Way for New Generation of Museum Professionals

By Hailey Suina At some point in our lives, we have all entered a museum that has failed to capture the voice of Native American people. Through false misguided representations of our lives on display, we have longed for an accurate portrayal. Through the efforts of the School for Advanced Research, the Institute of American...
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Journalism Conference Draws Attendees from Across the Globe

By Nicole Mitchell The Santa Fe Convention Center was the center of activity when more than 50 international journalists, and reporters from across the country and the state attended the Journalism Under Fire three-day conference. Sponsored by the Santa Fe Council on International Relations, this conference sought to facilitate dialogue around issues of press freedom...
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IAIA Launches a Campus Office to Address Substance Abuse

By Kyle Kootswatewa The Institute of American Indian Arts and the Campus Office of Substance Abuse officially announce the program and their mission to address alcohol and other drug use on campus. Project Coordinator, Toney Johnson Jr., spoke with the IAIA Chronicle to update its readers about their vision and initiatives. Previously in the November...
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Miguel Reyes Contreras and the Art of Language

By Jesse Short Bull Imagine being told you couldn’t speak your language. Whether it’s English, Spanish or Lakota, pretend someone told you that you must learn another language for your survival. Imagine being told that if you communicate in the way that your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and hundreds of generations before, that it is...
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