First Student Art Show Of The Semester Was A “Rush”

By MELANIE ELLIS Santa Fe- Over fifty students, staff and children participated in this year’s first Art-In held in the Primitive Art gallery on Aug. 26. This popular event produced all of the two-dimensional pieces that were displayed and an exhibit during the Art Rush show that ran from Sept. 2 through Sept. 23. “Intergalactic...
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Insider’s Perspective: CSF “Teach Out” and Transfer Students Settle Into Campus Life

By SHASHEEN BALATCHE Santa Fe””Due to the sudden closure of College of Santa Fe in the fall of 2009 and the scattering of the CSF students to college and universities across the country, IAIA has gained a new set of students and friends. They have now settled into campus life after an unsettling experience of...
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First Nations University of Canada Struggles for Survival

By UNGELBAH DAVILA Santa Fe”” On Wednesday, March 21, at 2:30 p.m., to be exact, some students in the political know may have been surprised to see Vice Chief Delbert Wapass, the Education and Training Secretariat for the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, touring the IAIA campus. If you happened to be a First Nations...
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Students Air Concerns About Academic Policies and Family Housing

By SHASHEEN BALATCHE Santa Fe””Their current class grade and family housing issues are the number one areas of concern that IAIA students voiced at February meetings. A “small, but vocal group” of 20 students repeatedly expresses their concerns to ASG about what they call “ambiguous, inconsistent academic standards,” Brian Fleetwood, Associated Student Government vice-president, told...
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Bunny Love Salutes The V. Day Victorious

By UNGELBAH DAVILA With the month of February safely behind us, men everywhere heave great sighs of relief at having managed to come out on the other side of Valentine’s Day in mostly one piece, while women everywhere gloat at affections thrown at them and count chocolates instead of calories. Let’s call these lucky individuals...
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SFIS Students Act as International Ambassadors

By UNGELBAH DAVILA Santa Fe”” It’s been eight years since writing teacher Tim McLaughlin found himself inheriting a budding poetry slam event. Since then, he says the event has evolved into something of higher artistry that is more cooperative than competitive. In the time since its inception, the poetry slam event at the Santa Fe...
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Bon Appétit Serves Up A New Twist On Cafeteria Food

By GAVIN ATILANO Santa Fe”” As I walked into this semester, I remembered that the tail end of the fall semester had its goings on salted with both rumor and circumstance. The movers and shakers were (allegedly) gonna be moving and shaking things. New this. Improved that. More of this. Less of that. I went...
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