Terry Gomez Directs Ghost Dance

Terry Gomez, (Comanche) graduated in the Fall 2002 semester. She is an accomplished author and fine arts painter. “Being a writer and an artist is a hard life, but your life is worthwhile when you’re doing what you like to do. When you are happy, you can make your family happy.” ””Terry Gomez “Subdivisions I...
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Ethnic Degeneration

Ethnic DeGeneration A Band of Metal Poets Orlando White “What Korn is to suburban white kids, is what EDG is to rez kids.” ””EDG fan Santa Fe ”“ Whether you are in the crowd at a show or just listening to their CD, Ethnic DeGeneration is not only a sound assault on the senses, but...
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Poet Sherwin Bitsui has a Compelling Voice

Poet Sherwin Bitsui Has A Compelling Voice Orlando White “Are the windows there, so we can look in, or are they there so we can look out?” Santa Fe”“IAIA alum Sherwin Bitsui’s first book of poetry, “Shapeshift,” was published in 2003 by the University of Arizona Press with words of praise. “Shapeshift” is “a strikingly...
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New Visual Communications Program

IAIA’s New Visual Communication Program Submitted by Paul Hauge The Visual Communications Department, a new IAIA partner in education, has been created to provide students with the option of studying for careers in either Graphic Design (GD), Interactive Design (ID), or Motion Design (MD).  This breakthrough addition to existing Institute curriculum is for those interested...
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A Poetry Sampler

Snippets of Poetry     Jennifer Foerster Penetrate Terry Gomez Hiding Out In Santa Fe The Only Poem For Him And No One Else Malanie Cesspooch I Read Jelly On A Cracker Back  
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I will be eternally grateful for my experience here at IAIA. It is true, “The students make up IAIA.” I feel empowered and can see myself continue as a writer and artist. Whatever path you go down, keep in touch with those you have met here. You never know when you will need their help...
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Lottery Scholarship Possible for IAIA

by ALAN NATACHU SANTA FE””House Bill 81 to allow students at New Mexico’s tribal colleges to receive the New Mexico Lottery Success scholarships successfully passed through the New Mexico State House of Representatives by a 64-3 vote on March 3, 2003.  The New Mexico Lottery Success Scholarship is given to New Mexico State residents. The...
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