No Increase in Campus Alcohol-Related Incidents, But…

By MATTHEW ROBECK A recent rumor among students about an alcohol-related altercation mid-October in family housing claimed that the incident ended with police arriving on the scene and a student being sent to the intensive care unit. “No one was sent to the ICU,” said Carmen Henan, dean of students. The IAIA campus crime statistics...
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Pizza: A Slice From Above

By PEARLYNE CORIZ Living in the United States, you will have eaten around 6,000 slices of pizza over your lifetime, according to What is it about pizza that makes it an American favorite? How much do we really know about pizza?
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Native Peoples and Celebrating Halloween

By CHELSEA NAPPER With Halloween right around the corner, now is an opportune time to dig into the origins of this largely commercial American tradition. In response to an IAIA CHRONICLE survey, many respondent said that they were not aware of the origins of Halloween, nor the ways in which it was introduced to North...
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On-Campus Medical Service: Necessity or Vestige?  

By SAVANNAH JUNES At the beginning of the fall semester, Institute of American Indian Arts students were  quick to notice that the medical clinic on campus had closed. The decision to close the  clinic came right before the start of the semester when negotiations between the school  and the providers, Presbyterian Medical Services, could not...
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Stress Relief/Reduction Tips

By JOANN BISHOP, CSCS Everyone experiences stressful situations in life ”“ the key is recognizing the stress.   Is it a short-term problem that can be managed with a deep breath?   Some stressful situations are out of our control, a serious illness for example.   Maintaining a positive attitude to stress and stressful events...
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“Dear Colleague” Letter Will Not Affect IAIA’s Current Title IX Policies

By MATTHEW ROBECK The US Department of Education sent a “Dear Colleague” letter on Sept. 22 to colleges across the US. This letter rolls back Obama era policies that give all US colleges a minimum standard on how they are to handle sexual violence cases, to colleges across the US. Carmen Henan, dean of students,...
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IAIA Sponsors Santa Fe Independent Film Festival

By VICTORIA GONZALES The Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, which began in 2009, has become one of the top annual events in New Mexico, bringing independent filmmaking to the diverse community of Santa Fe.   In early October, the Institute of American Indian Arts announced its agreement with SFIFF to be included as one of...
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