People protest for the impeachment of President Trump.

Ad Campaign to Impeach Trump Launches

By CHELSEA NAPPER An ad campaign to impeach President Donald Trump sponsored by billionaire Tom Steyer was launched on Oct 19. The campaign has produced two videos calling for change. He explains that he is funding the campaign to impeach Trump because Trump supports a proposed harmful tax reform, and due to several offenses he...
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To Sleep or Not to Sleep

By LINDSEY TOYA-TOSA The lack of sleep seems to be consistent among college students. According to a study done by the University Health Center at the University of Georgia, students stay up late to finish assignments or study and then have to wake up early to go to class, sometimes not even getting any sleep...
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IAIA Benefits from the Land Grant Programs

By COURTENEY HANDY One of the major programs at IAIA, the land grant programs, was established through the 1994 Land Grant & Equity Act. The land grant programs provide  education, teaching, and technical assistance regarding farming for students, faculty, staff, and farmers. The mission of this group is to inform others about Western medicine and...
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What is Continuing Education?

By  MATTHEW ROBECK Do you feel that you have a lot more to learn””specialized knowledge and skills that are best learned at a college””but don’t have enough time to get another degree? Perhaps  continuing  education is the right place for you. In 2008, the Institute of American Indian Arts started to offer a series of...
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Bon Appetit Staff Frustrated by Lack of Communication from Students

By MATTHEW ROBECK While students going to the Institute of American Indian Arts generally find the food  at Bon  Appetit  Café to be of good quality, various students, who did not want to be named, complain about a lack of variety in the food choice, abrasiveness from the staff, and the inflexibility of the hours....
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What Do You Plan to Do for Winter Break?

By VICTORIA GONZALES Students will have a four-week winter break before the 2018 spring semester begins on Jan. 16. During those four weeks, six students that the IAIA Chronicle talked to plan to go home, relax, and be with their families. Nick Thomas, a studio arts major and freshman from Prewitt, NM, said that he...
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Time to Talk to the Counselor

By COURTENEY HANDY Thanksgiving has come and gone, and the fall semester is almost over, but students still have finals to prepare for and stress will be at its peak.
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