Everyone a Winner at the IAIA Talent Show



On Wednesday evening, Nov. 15, the Indigenous Liberal Studies Student Organization sponsored an IAIA community talent show.

ILSSO Club Members (Photo by Pearlyne Coriz)

From poetry reading to traditional Native American dancing. IAIA students showcased their talents for a cash prize of $75 for first place, $50 for second, and $25 for third.

Ten contestants entered for a chance to win the prizes. These were the chosen winners.

1st place winner ”“ The Zuni/Hopi Dancers

(Photo by Pearlyne Coriz)

2nd place winner ”“ Laura Fragua-Cota (song)

(Photo by Pearlyne Coriz)

3rd place winner ”“ Jesse Shortbull (poems)

(Photo by Pearlyne Coriz)

Comedic Host

Student Chad Brown Eagle was the evening’s host. He brought comedy to the act so that the wait between each act was just as enjoyable as the performances themselves.

Brown Eagle told jokes like, “Why were the Native’s here first?” He paused before continuing with, “Because we had reservations.”

Brown Eagle continued the hilarity when he told a story of his roommate Dennis Dewa, who was one of the Zuni dancers.

It was 2 a.m. and I heard whispers. frightened that my roommate and his friends were whispering a spell on me in the Zuni language. Shortly after, I hear one Zuni leave””I assumed he was the lookout””and two shadow figures come on my side of the room and approach my bed as I (pretend to) sleep.

Again, they start to whisper in Zuni, and I’m freaking out at this point. My roommate extends his hand towards me, quickly hesitates. I hear the other Zuni get angry at him. My roommate extends his hand, and quickly hesitates again.

Again, I hear the other Zuni getting frustrated with my roommate. My roommate bravely extends his hand once more, and before he could touch me, I wake up with a loud inhale as if I was possessed or resurrected, and my fellow Zunis freaked out. Then we laughed. Then they told me “We want a McDouble.”   I said “No… aye, I just kid.”

Audience Turns Out for 10 Acts

The Supreme V’s (Photo by Pearlyne Coriz)

Ten different acts performed. The turnout of talent as well as audience was bigger than I had seen in previous years of attending the IAIA talent show when there would only be ten people, at most, in the audience.

This night there were maybe 40 or more in attendance.

Asked how students like the talent show, Joseph Newman said, “It was a nice break from the school environment, and it was like an icebreaker. Even if you knew the person [performing], it gave you a chance to see them in a different perspective.”


Some of my favorite acts included the Zuni/Hopi Dancers, The Supreme V’s, a lip-syncing act, and Justin Atencio, who played the hand drum.

(Photo by Pearlyne Coriz)

I was surprised that along with the singing, dancing and lip syncing were poetry readers.

One student, Delores S. Cortez, IAIA’s student ambassador, read poems and stated that “I think writing is a talent.” And it was.

Four of the ten acts were poetry readings, they included students:

  • Paige Hannan,   the Associated Student Government public relations officer
  • Tuesday Harper, a member of ILSSO
  • Delores S. Cortez
  • Jesse Short Bull

Also, in between each act, prizes were raffled. To win, one needed to buy raffle tickets.

Overall, the atmosphere of the talent show was light hearted and enjoyable. The audience never had a chance to stop smiling.


(Featured Photo by Pearlyne Coriz)



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