October 31, 2011

Dialogue in Sacred Spaces”” The Native American Voters Alliance Visits IAIA

    In the lifelessness of the recession, the Occupy Wall Street movement has been a loud expression of frustration that many ordinary Americans are feeling toward economic and social injustices. Along with successfully creating a movement, Occupy Wall Street has reminded many ordinary citizens of the power of voice and the freedom to voice...
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IAIA: Where Have We Come in 50 Years; Where Are We Headed?

“Creativity.” If President Robert Martin had to choose one word to describe the Institute of American Indian Arts””poised to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2012””that’s the word he would use: creativity. “Creativity,” President Martin continues, is “what I’ve really enjoyed in my four plus years here.” President Martin has learned a lot about the creative...
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Art in The Raw: Expose Your Essence

Expose your Essence, the title of this year’s Art in the Raw show included cascades of student works ranging from edgy contemporary pieces like Daryl Lucero and Gracie Horne’s refrigerator piece entitled “Literally Subtle” to more traditional pieces like a trio of old-style dresses created by Donna Hall. The works were displayed from Oct. 5-21...
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Terror in the Night: Ghostly Encounters at IAIA

From headless caballeros roaming Alto Street to the wailing wraith of La Llorona haunting the dried up beds of the Santa Fe River, the Land of Enchantment has its share of ghost stories. New Mexico has its share of UFO sightings, as well””being the site of the supposed Roswell UFO crash of 1947, where the...
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