The Indigenous Futurist

By Chachee Valentine Deserts away from the concrete jungle of Silicon Valley, past mesas and juniper grassland, to open plains of oak and mesquite, Téo Montoya and his uncle shared a ride to visit family in their Texas homelands. After seeking input from a savvy, respected elder on the steps needed to create a sustainable...
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Sonwai Wakayuta: Artist and Activist

By Tiana Martinez Sonwai Wakayuta (Hualapai and Hopi) paints mirrored white lines, creating a mural from a maze-like trail of fingerprints. Her brushstrokes move in spirals, creating two paths that threaten to clash but never meet. Wakayuta says that a mural is a painting with its own breath and life, one that writes its own...
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Fall 2017 BFA Graduating Senior Exhibition

Artwork by the six IAIA graduating seniors in studio arts exhibited at the Balzer Contemporary Edge Gallery, Nov. 17-Dec. 5: Aaron Arrow J. Yazzie, Alyssa Mara Williams, Manuel Ramiriez, Brian Keith, David Naranjo and Claver Garcia.
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IAIA 2017 Graduating Senior Exhibition Kicks Off

By VICTORIA GONZALES Exhibitions showcasing final projects of studio arts seniors opened Nov. 17 and will be on display until Dec. 5 at the Balzer Contemporary Edge Gallery in the Academic Building at IAIA. The six students, all studio arts majors receiving their bachelor in fine arts in their final semester, each worked with senior...
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Wings Exhibit

By VICTORIA GONZALES “Photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future.” -Sally Mann I capture moments, items, people, nature…whatever calls to me, really. I want each of these photographs–each precious moment that holds a story, that cannot be recreated… to last forever.
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IAIA Photographer Submits “Reservation Life” to National Geographic

By KAMELLA BIRD-ROMERO Cinematic arts major Terrance Clifford has taken a picture he hopes will alter his future in photography. He has entered National Geographic’s Photo Contest 2013 in the “people” category, choosing his mother and reservation lifestyles as his focus.
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A Visit to the Chuck Jones Gallery

          Once you have heard a strange audience burst into laughter at a film you directed, you realize what the word joy is all about. ””Chuck Jones, 1912-2002 My experience in Chuck Jones Gallery at Santa Fe: a room full of Looney Tunes on the wall, which bring back childhood memories....
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