December 10, 2015

Future of Historic Soleri Amphitheater Locked in Limbo

By VIVIAN CARROLL Fifty years ago, IAIA commissioned noted Italian architect Paolo Soleri to design a theatre for their shining performing arts program.   The 650-seat amphitheater opened in 1970 on the Cerrillos Road campus where IAIA was then housed.   The theatre closed down after a final July 2010 concert, and was marked for...
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IAIA Bookstore Desires to Draw in Readers

By BODERRA JOE It’s the end of the semester and students are returning their rented course books to the campus bookstore. But why don’t students or staff buy other books from the bookstore?
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Psychology May Explain the Supernatural

by VERONICA A. CLARK The Woman in White haunts riverbeds, The Man in the Hat haunts bedrooms, and a handsome, hooved stranger haunts dancehalls. And the question often arises: are these ghostly encounters fact or fiction?
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Protests Have Impact on President’s Decision to Veto Keystone XL Pipeline

by VERONICA A. CLARK The controversial Keystone XL pipeline was vetoed by President Obama on Nov. 6. Protests likely influenced President Obama’s decision, according to Bineshi Albert, board member of the  Indigenous Environmental Network    and Indigenous liberal studies major at IAIA.
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