IAIA Bookstore Desires to Draw in Readers


It’s the end of the semester and students are returning their rented course books to the campus bookstore. But why don’t students or staff buy other books from the bookstore?

Good reads available in the campus bookstore. (Photo by Boderra Joe)
Good reads available in the campus bookstore. (Photo by Boderra Joe)

That’s what bookstore manager, Guillermo Tilley, wonders. “We try to carry books that are related to the school directly, which I would hope bring some interest.”Tilley would like to promote more of the books that are featured in the store not only to the IAIA campus, but to the whole Rancho Viejo community as well.

He also wants to find out what students read. One of his ideas is to create a book club, where students could read the books in the bookstore and just write a few  thoughts on the book and if they would recommend it.

Another idea is to have a few willing students, volunteer their time to pick a book and do a review on it, although, it would add on to the student’s workload.

Viewpoint of more books in the bookstore. Photo by Boderra Joe
Books  and more books in the bookstore. (Photo by Boderra Joe)

Tilley is also considering a survey about what kinds of books they want in the bookstore. Suggestions could possibly be their favorite authors or their favorite books, or recommendations of what genres the bookstore should carry.

Tilley is open to suggestions of how he could promote the books in the bookstore.

In the spring semester, he would like to display some of the books he carries outside of the store so that students and faculty could stop to browse books that they may be interested in reading.

The most he could do right now is just a written piece to say, ”˜Hey, you could get good reads at the campus bookstore.  You don’t necessarily have to go off campus or go to Amazon because we don’t mark our books up in general.’

“Maybe the bookstore does need a club””some    way to encourage students to read and participate,” he said.


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