November 13, 2018

Suina Receives Scholarship to Study in New Zealand

By Jesse Short Bull  When Hailey Suina submitted an essay to study abroad in New Zealand, she didn’t realize that her writing would be one of out of 6,797 applications to win the full scholarship from Education New Zealand and Go Overseas.   On Nov. 1, 2018 surrounded by family, friends and instructors from the Institute of American Indian Arts community, Suina was presented with a check for $15,000 from members of Education New Zealand and Go...
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Poets Share the Truth of Their Words

By Nancy Beauregard  “Poetry started out as an oral tradition. Before we wrote poems, we spoke them aloud,” said poet Joaquín Zihuatanejo at the Institute of American Indian Arts on Oct. 4, 2018. The poetry reading featured Zihuatanejo, an IAIA alumnus, and Natasha Carrizosa, both experts in spoken word poetry which is a mix of poetry and storytelling.  Zihuatanejo is a writer, poet, teacher and slam poetry artist. His poems and short stories are published...
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Life on the Navajo Reservation: One Family’s Story

By Hailey Suina  Emotional and intimate, the film “The Blessing” explores the life of Lawrence Gilmore, a Navajo coal miner struggling with the repercussions of desecrating a sacred mountain in order to provide for his family. Emmy® Award winning team Hunter Robert Baker and Jordan Fein capture the personal conflicts of a Navajo family from their spiritual life, to the harsh realities of working to survive....
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Archery Students Learn to Take Aim

By Deborah Svatos  At the Institute of American Indian Arts, a course taken to meet the college’s physical education requirement is becoming quite popular with a number of students who find they enjoy the relaxing qualities of the class.   Once a week on Friday mornings, students gather at the IAIA gym to learn the nuances of archery taught by Randy Neumann.  A longtime archer and hunter, Neumann teaches with a mix of humor,...
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Rez Style: Haircuts Shape a Community

By Jesse Short Bull    Jacob “JB” Briggs is quickly earning a reputation for being one of Santa Fe’s best kept secrets when it comes to fine haircuts. Briggs, a 20-year-old college freshmen and a cinematic arts major at the Institute of American Indian Arts, has seen his haircuts and expertise flourish over the last few years. It all started when he overheard an IAIA housing employee talk about the $25 dollars he was planning on spending on a...
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IAIA Receives Grant to Tackle Substance Abuse on Campus

By Kyle Kootswatewa  The New Mexico Human Services Department’s Behavioral Health Services Division, their Office of Substance Abuse Prevention, and the New Mexico Higher Education Prevention Consortium chose the Institute of American Indian Arts for a Partners for Success grant in December 2017. IAIA joins New Mexico State University, New Mexico Tech, San Juan College and the University of New Mexico to address underage drinking and prescription drug abuse according...
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Pathways Council Focuses on Solutions for a Stronger Campus

By Lyric Snodgrass  For struggling students, the Institute of American Indian Arts Pathways Council might be the best place to voice concerns. The IAIA Pathways Council provides an open forum for students, faculty and administration to come together to discuss issues on campus and to work through those issues.   “We focus on bringing up problems and talking about solutions, not just complaining,” says Jessie Ryker-Crawford,...
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