Confronting Life (and Death) Through the Lens of a Camera

Most students come to the Institute of American Indian Arts to expand their creativity by  practicing and experimenting with their chosen mediums. There are many stories told through the paintings, drawings, and photographs displayed along the walls of the academic building. Black-and-white photographs of tombstones, graves, and monuments can be found on a wall near...
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Art in The Raw: Expose Your Essence

Expose your Essence, the title of this year’s Art in the Raw show included cascades of student works ranging from edgy contemporary pieces like Daryl Lucero and Gracie Horne’s refrigerator piece entitled “Literally Subtle” to more traditional pieces like a trio of old-style dresses created by Donna Hall. The works were displayed from Oct. 5-21...
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Charlene Teters: Art and Conviction

Fellow students and future successful artists, take note: Your art career does not simply happen to you. You choose it. Just ask internationally renowned Spokane Indian artist and activist Charlene Teters, who noted recently in our interview: “My art was a vehicle to make my voice bigger.”
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Polaroid Indians

Polaroid Indians Tristan Ahtone “Boycotts are great, protests are great, but I think we really should be doing more educating.” With all the protesting and boycotting, anger and hub-bub, Outkast’s performance at the Grammy Awards this February is still, no matter what anyone says, a shining example of one thing: stupidity. You can, of course,...
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