December 6, 2017

UNM Kiva Club Concert Benefits Youth Group

By CHELSEA NAPPER The University of New Mexico’s Kiva Club hosted a benefit concert to support Diné-Pueblo Youth Solidarity Group on Nov. 19. This 14th annual event was free and open to the general public. The themes were “Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women” & “Protect Chaco.”
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Santa Fe: Oldest Capital in the U.S Overrun with Ghosts?

Are Ghosts Real, or Just a Myth? By SAVANNAH JUNES The city of Santa Fe was erected in the year 1610, making it the oldest capital in the U.S, but could that also make it the most haunted? Antonio R. Garcez, author of New Mexico Ghost Stories, seems to think so. There are many haunted...
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Everyone a Winner at the IAIA Talent Show

Review By PEARLYNE CORIZ On Wednesday evening, Nov. 15, the Indigenous Liberal Studies Student Organization sponsored an IAIA community talent show.
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Celebrating Native American Heritage Month at IAIA

By PEARLYNE CORIZ Native American Heritage Recognition, which first started in 1915, was only celebrated for one day. However, in 1990, it was changed to being celebrated for one month.
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IAIA 2017 Graduating Senior Exhibition Kicks Off

By VICTORIA GONZALES Exhibitions showcasing final projects of studio arts seniors opened Nov. 17 and will be on display until Dec. 5 at the Balzer Contemporary Edge Gallery in the Academic Building at IAIA. The six students, all studio arts majors receiving their bachelor in fine arts in their final semester, each worked with senior...
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People protest for the impeachment of President Trump.

Ad Campaign to Impeach Trump Launches

By CHELSEA NAPPER An ad campaign to impeach President Donald Trump sponsored by billionaire Tom Steyer was launched on Oct 19. The campaign has produced two videos calling for change. He explains that he is funding the campaign to impeach Trump because Trump supports a proposed harmful tax reform, and due to several offenses he...
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To Sleep or Not to Sleep

By LINDSEY TOYA-TOSA The lack of sleep seems to be consistent among college students. According to a study done by the University Health Center at the University of Georgia, students stay up late to finish assignments or study and then have to wake up early to go to class, sometimes not even getting any sleep...
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