Campus Culture

What We Know When It Comes to Sustainability

IAIA students recently travelled to the 22nd annual Headwaters Conference “Small Steps, Big Stories: Climate Solutions in the Headwaters” at Western State College of Colorado. Chronicle editor Paige Buffington accompanied the group and reports on the event. We gathered around the table and thought of the ways we would approach the assigned topic. We were...
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Terror in the Night: Ghostly Encounters at IAIA

From headless caballeros roaming Alto Street to the wailing wraith of La Llorona haunting the dried up beds of the Santa Fe River, the Land of Enchantment has its share of ghost stories. New Mexico has its share of UFO sightings, as well””being the site of the supposed Roswell UFO crash of 1947, where the...
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Recalling the Navajo Nation Fair (since I missed it this year)

  September 2010- My mom suggests that I hurry in from Gallup if I don’t want to be stuck in traffic for hours. Normally, the drive from Gallup, N.M to Window Rock A.Z. flies by. Good songs play on the radio, the cedared hills and cleared coal-mined lands keep on rolling, and usually make the...
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Dark Beginnings: IAIA’s Horror Club President shares her love of gore.

People often wonder what got a little gore whore like me interested in horror movies.   I like to tell them that it all started with a mechanical shark named Bruce.   That’s right””Jaws was the first horror movie to capture my blackening little heart, and it has remained in my top 20 list ever...
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First Student Art Show Of The Semester Was A “Rush”

By MELANIE ELLIS Santa Fe- Over fifty students, staff and children participated in this year’s first Art-In held in the Primitive Art gallery on Aug. 26. This popular event produced all of the two-dimensional pieces that were displayed and an exhibit during the Art Rush show that ran from Sept. 2 through Sept. 23. “Intergalactic...
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Students Air Concerns About Academic Policies and Family Housing

By SHASHEEN BALATCHE Santa Fe””Their current class grade and family housing issues are the number one areas of concern that IAIA students voiced at February meetings. A “small, but vocal group” of 20 students repeatedly expresses their concerns to ASG about what they call “ambiguous, inconsistent academic standards,” Brian Fleetwood, Associated Student Government vice-president, told...
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