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Gardening is Good for Mind, Body and Soul

By TERRA RAE MATTHEWS Being Tsimshian (Eagle Clan) and a member of the L’heidli T’enneh Nation from British Columbia, Canada, I grew up around a family that lived off the ocean; we have always looked to the land for our food. Fishing and harvesting sea food is very different than farming in New Mexico, so...
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Weight Loss the Natural Way

By JOANN BISHOP, CSCS   Director, Health and Wellness Wanna lose a couple pounds?   Just eat less and exercise more.   End of story. We all know if it was just that easy, no one would be carrying around a “little extra.”   Food is an integral part of our life, our culture, our...
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Fresh From the Garden: Northern New Mexico Gardening Tips

By ELIZABETH LUCERO My husband, Robert Lucero, and I started cultivating our ¾-acre property in Alcade about six years ago. In those six years, we have been very blessed and successful with our crops.
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Urban Foraging

By Sasha LaPointe Santa Fe, NM  –  During the spring of 2010, I assisted my mother, the head of Lushootseed Language Research, in her first Cultural Knowledge Sharing Conference held at Seattle Pacific University. I was delegated the most crucial of tasks: I got coffee, worked the book table, arranged and rearranged the spread of...
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Student Parents Struggle With Childcare Options

By Warren Giago Santa Fe, NM ”“ The Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) is a small school located on the outskirts of Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s a great place for students to come and learn the tricks of the art trade   from trained professionals. Native American and Non-Native students from all over...
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Natives And Asthma

By Anna Nelson Santa Fe, NM – When Sian Slaney-Ambridge has an asthma attack, she says she feels like she’s drowning. “Fighting for breath and yet not being able to breath is very scary indeed!” says Slaney-Ambridge. “Your chest tightens, your heart beats fast and hard. Triggers can be due to exposure to pollen, an...
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Divine Violence at Site Santa Fe

We had practically the whole of Site Santa  Fe to ourselves through which to wander, and to pout and preen over the pieces of art””like out-of-town moguls that pour in  during Indian Market.  Attention-wise, we were a little bit more  invested  than usual, because we  were being  indulged  with  a  personal escort around  Site: Joanne...
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