IAIA Night at Meow Wolf

By Hailey Suina Meow Wolf, Santa Fe’s infamous immersive and interactive art exhibit, is well known for their multidimensional art installation that has enchanted visitors throughout the years. Composed of nearly 200 artists, Meow Wolf strives to showcase the works of artists, architects, sculptors, painters, photographers, video producers and performers. With such a high regard...
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Pathways Council Focuses on Solutions for a Stronger Campus

By Lyric Snodgrass   For struggling students, the Institute of American Indian Arts  Pathways Council  might be the best place to voice concerns.  The IAIA Pathways Council provides an open forum for students, faculty and administration to come together  to  discuss  issues  on campus and  to work  through those issues.     “We focus on...
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IAIA Receives Grant to Tackle Substance Abuse on Campus

By  Kyle Kootswatewa   The  New Mexico Human Services Department’s  Behavioral Health Services  Division,  their  Office of Substance Abuse Prevention,  and the New Mexico Higher Education Prevention Consortium chose  the Institute of American Indian Arts  for  a Partners for Success  grant  in December 2017. IAIA  joins New Mexico State University, New Mexico Tech, San Juan...
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Native American Journalists Stress Responsible Reporting

By Nancy Beauregard Native American journalists from across the country spoke at the Institute of American Indian Arts over the months of September and October 2018. They talked about the roles and responsibilities of journalists and media professionals who cover Native American issues and tribal communities. The first speakers on campus were Tristan Ahtone, Kiowa, and Christine Trudeau, Prairie Band Potawatomi. Ahtone and Trudeau’s event took place at IAIA on September 20, 2018. Both are IAIA...
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Psychology of Cult Leaders and Mass Murderers

Is mental health really to blame? Opinion By SAVANNAH JUNES For decades, every major news station in the world has covered a mass killing or a story about a cult leader who has committed heinous crimes, the most famous being that of Jim Jones, or Charles Manson, two cult leaders who were responsible for many...
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UNM Kiva Club Concert Benefits Youth Group

By CHELSEA NAPPER The University of New Mexico’s Kiva Club hosted a benefit concert to support Diné-Pueblo Youth Solidarity Group on Nov. 19. This 14th annual event was free and open to the general public. The themes were “Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women” & “Protect Chaco.”
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Celebrating Native American Heritage Month at IAIA

By PEARLYNE CORIZ Native American Heritage Recognition, which first started in 1915, was only celebrated for one day. However, in 1990, it was changed to being celebrated for one month.
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