Lottery Scholarship Possible for IAIA


SANTA FE””House Bill 81 to allow students at New Mexico’s tribal colleges to receive the New Mexico Lottery Success scholarships successfully passed through the New Mexico State House of Representatives by a 64-3 vote on March 3, 2003. 

The New Mexico Lottery Success Scholarship is given to New Mexico State residents. The scholarship covers the cost of the tuition of the school after the student’s first semester. It is a renewable scholarship, good for up to four years of studies.

There are three requirements to receive this scholarship: students must be a New Mexico resident, enrolled in a state college or university that participates in the New Mexico Lottery Success scholarship program 120 days after graduating high school or receiving their GED, and maintain a minimum GPA of a 2.5.

Ramus Suina, Director of Admissions for the Institute of American Indian Arts, has been lobbying for Bill 81.  “[It] would help relieve funding pressures and funding shortfalls for students,” said Suina. He is optimistic about an increase in enrollment that the Lottery scholarship could bring to IAIA.

New Mexico state schools, such as University of New Mexico and New Mexico State University, participate in the Lottery scholarship. But New Mexico tribal colleges, such as IAIA, don’t receive the scholarship.

The requirements for an institution to receive the Lottery Success Scholarship are that the institution must be accredited by the state of New Mexico, and have an associate of arts or bachelor of arts degree program.

House Bill 81 would allow IAIA, Diné College, Southwest Indian Polytechnic Institute, and Crownpoint Institute of Technology to participate in the Lottery scholarship along with other state colleges and universities.  All are accredited institutions of higher learning, offering either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program. Crownpoint Institute of Technology is currently going through accreditation. CIT would be eligible to receive scholarship funds upon accreditation.

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