Halloween is just around the corner and after all the stress from midterms, it’ll be nice to wind down and make some treats. Here are some recipes for Halloween snacks that I found:

Halloween Treats1

Halloween treats    

Since we’re in Santa Fe, let’s not forget about sugar skulls, which are really fun to make and make great decorations. Here’s a link I found for sugar skulls.


Sugar skulls  

One of my favorite things to make during fall is mini apple pies. I use cupcake pans instead of a pie pan. Just be sure to grease the pan, roll the crust out like you normally would, and place them in the cupcake spots. It’s just exactly like making an apple pie, but smaller. You can pop them out of the pan with a fork. I like to call these “cuppies” like cup pies instead of cupcakes, but pronounced like puppies. They’re really great to take to potlucks or parties.

Click here for a recipe for apple pie.

Click here for  recipes for crust.

Enjoy! Happy Fall!


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