First Student Art Show Of The Semester Was A “Rush”



Santa Fe- Over fifty students, staff and children participated in this year’s first Art-In held in the Primitive Art gallery on Aug. 26.

This popular event produced all of the two-dimensional pieces that were displayed and an exhibit during the Art Rush show that ran from Sept. 2 through Sept. 23.

“Intergalactic Native,” painted by Sun Rose Iron Shell.

“It’s a great way for new incoming students, as well as returning majors to come together with the faculty, school president, deans and staff to create a work of art side by side,” said Jessie Ryker-Crawford, Chair of Museum Studies.

The Art Rush opening kicked off at 5 p.m. with refreshments, including an abundant buffet filled with fresh tortillas and taco fixings, colorful fruit trays, platters of rolled tacos and cookie-laden dessert plates.

Many pieces were sold at this first exhibit and it was well visited by students and staff as well as patrons living in the surrounding Santa Fe area.

“Last Breath,” painted by Jessie Bennett


“In 2008 the first Art-In had a 1960’s theme. We provided a buffet table with all kinds of organic foods, tie-dyed table cloths, incense and lava lamps.”

“It was so popular that we decided to continue it as a school tradition
because it supplied students with free canvases, brushes and acrylic
paints, prior to student funding availability,” Ryker-Crawford said.

The Museum Studies students are currently hard at work painting walls and arranging lighting for the next art show, Art in the Raw.

The fall 2010 Art in the Raw opening reception will be held in the Primitive Art Gallery on Oct. 7. at 5 p.m. A live performance will be held at 5:30 p.m. for anyone wanting to read poetry, play music, sing, etc”¦

Curated and run by IAIA students, the Art in the Raw exhibit showcases all types of art work and mediums. Art in the Raw began in 1999 when the school was located on the College of Santa Fe campus.

In response to censorship issues at the time, students rebelled against restrictions in the display of their art work.

“Feel Me,” painted by Azizah Muhammed

Now, Art in the Raw is continued through student initiative and is the only exhibit that is entirely in the hands of the IAIA student population.

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