IAIA Library’s Big Change

The library scaled back its Saturdays for Fall 2011.

The 2011 fall semester brought a change to the IAIA library schedule, which decided to close its doors on Saturdays. In previous years, the library was open seven days a week.
According to Sarah Kostelecky, IAIA library director, the library is now closed on Saturdays because of the low number of students using it on that day, and also because students were mostly using the computers rather than the book resources.
“The library does offer 60 hours a week” Kostlecky explains. “The computer lab is accessible to make up for Saturdays.”
According to some students, however, there may be some problems with using the computer lab. Sometimes the lab is locked and students whose keys don’t work can’t get in. They have to get the security to open the door.
Azizah Muhammad, a Museum Studies major at IAIA, sits in her nice leather jacket and has an orange tiger-like headband over her curled hair. She grew up loving libraries because they offered a place to gain knowledge. When Azizah lived in Washington, D.C., she would visit The Library of Congress.
We are in the cafeteria and she is about to eat her vegetable soup when I ask her how she feels about the library issue.“It makes me feel unmotivated.” Azizah says. “I wish that the library were open on Saturdays, even for a short period of time. At least it would be open.”

“It’s my entertainment!” she continues, “Now that it isn’t I go shopping or clean.”
Heidi K. Brandow, on the other hand, was not bothered by the change. “The computer lab is still open,” she says. “So you’re still able to print your papers.”
Kostelecky has heard that some students want Saturday to be a time to read reserved books.

“I am open to students’ opinions,” she says. Kostelecky adds that maybe the library might open for the Saturday of finals. Right now, the library is trying out the new schedule and is uncertain if the library will be open on Saturdays next year.


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