IAIA Night at Meow Wolf

By Hailey Suina

Meow Wolf, Santa Fe’s infamous immersive and interactive art exhibit, is well known for their multidimensional art installation that has enchanted visitors throughout the years. Composed of nearly 200 artists, Meow Wolf strives to showcase the works of artists, architects, sculptors, painters, photographers, video producers and performers. With such a high regard for artists and creativity, it is no surprise that Meow Wolf has piqued the interest of many students here at the Institute of American Indian Arts. On Nov.16, Meow Wolf hosted IAIA’s Internship and Career Services program by offering free admission to all IAIA students and faculty with a 50 percent discount for any family or guests. Internship and Career Services had a booth set up at the event to provide information on what they offer.

The relationship between IAIA and Meow Wolf began with the efforts of the Great Lakes Project Success internship program that IAIA hosts, which helps students gain workplace experience that benefits their area of study. Karen Gomez of Laguna Pueblo is IAIA’s Internship and Career Director and she is responsible for finding sites that can host students from cinematic arts, creative writing to Indigenous liberal studies majors.

“Meow Wolf wanted to get involved and collaborate with IAIA and host the students,” Gomez said. “Students love Meow Wolf and Meow Wolf loves the collaboration.”

On the Internship and Career Services page on the IAIA website, it says that an internship is one of the enriching experiences that IAIA has to offer. Internship and Career services encourages students to pursue sites that they are interested in so that students get the experience they want.

“Don’t be afraid of your curiosity,” Gomez encourages. “Explore things. Be curious. Tell me about what you want to do and let’s do it.”

The key to a good internship or apprenticeship is having various relationships and networks with sites that can host students and benefit their chosen field of study.

“All the sites that host the students are great,” Gomez states. “Meow Wolf is one of them.” Meow Wolf’s venue offers a very popular immersive art experience that students enjoy.

“Students are just as curious as any other patron, which is why Meow Wolf is a great choice to cater to their creativity.”

Inside Meow Wolf’s Interactive Art Exhibit.
Photo credit: Hailey Suina
Institute of American Indian Arts Internship and Career Director, Karen Gomez, attends Meow Wolf’s IAIA Night along with Danika Padilla, Director of Community Development at Meow Wolf.
Photo credit: Hailey Suina
Treehouse inside Meow Wolf’s Interactive Art Exhibit.
Photos credit: Hailey Suina

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