IAIA Receives Running Strong Grants

IAIA received two grants from Running Strong for American Indian Youth, a non-profit organization co-funded by Olympic gold medalist, Billy Mills. The organization offers grant money for many programs that benefit Native youth. JoAnn Bishop, fitness director and archery coach at IAIA applied to the program for archery funds.

“In the 2016-2017 semesters, we received $720 from Running Strong. In the 2017-2018 semesters we received $960, which is really helpful,” Bishop explained.

(Photo courtesy of JoAnn Bishop)

Funds from the grant also sponsored an inter-tribal, non-sanctioned, archery tournament this past September and continue to help with range fees and the commute to Albuquerque’s range when the weather is bad for archery students, though IAIA’s new Performing Arts and Fitness Center is due to open Jan. 2.

“We can shoot in the new gym with lousy weather when it opens,” Bishop explained. “But it’s better to shoot outside.

Students may participate in archery by enrolling in a course-credit class, or by joining archery club.

(Featured photo of JoAnn Bishop and Billy Mills courtesy of JoAnn Bishop)



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