Just Another Manic Monday: A Day in the Life

7:00 am The dorm room is starting to become lighter, but not that much. I go back into my state of deep bear-like hibernation. Like Aaron Natewa used to do when he was still here.

8:40 am I’m thinking about actually opening my eyes and getting up. I feel crunchy this morning. Okay, I gotta get up and finish up my E.Bot. homework. My roommate suddenly jumps up and bolts to the bathroom, foiling my plans. Ugh!

10:30 am In the Lecture Room, “Professor Sprout”  is in a good mood…whew!!   Hermione and Ron look kinda tense. Celeste looks over her papers for her presentaion. Tyrone gets up to do his power point. He sits in front of the class, the lights are lowered  and he  puts on a Halloween mask. I learn about the passionflower from a skeleton with a colorful jesture hat. It’s really interesting!

12:00pm Lunch time, it seems  kinda crowded today. There are visitors from…somewhere.  People speculate and talk of how cold  the weather has been.  Its like a  Renior painting in here, blurred yet controlled, impressionistic. People laugh  and snort artistically here (I guess). Note to self :  Joanne smiles like a  crazed villian.  We collect, regroup, drink more coffe and tea…we converse and nearly close out the place.

1:00 pm We   come back from lunch like a small  New Orleans funeral procession (jazzy and solemn).  Millington and I work on a collaboration, a monoprint that she did. I etch scales on the koi with a photo blue pencil as she splatters india  ink all over us and the carpet.  She somehow even magages to get ink on my neighbors. This is relaxing!  Shawn watches in horror.

2:00 pm ~appointment~




4:00 pm Kateri comes in and gives me a back massage that is comperable to a rough deep tissue “Lomi Lomi”   message that I recieved out in the Hawaii. Ouch! Ouch! Crack Aaaaah!!!  She pops my back back into place. OMG I feel so good now. She leaves my room like a super hero…all big and glorious and wearing yellow tights. Checking e-mail , sending out  e-mails, Thank You Heidi  Brandow!  I detour to Facebook. Gotta send out an e-mail to Lizet…How do you  say this in Spanish? Uuum think!   No puedo, porque no estoy fluido en Espanol. It’s already 4:30. I wanna take a nap cuz Sadie Red Wing reminded me of the merits of doing so. I can’t…its already 5:30! My roommate crashed out good.  I hate to wake him up. I ask    “You going to dinner?”    He doesn’t respond.

5:45 pm I see “Z” in the cafeteria, we sit down together.  My friend  comes up and we  discuss poetry and how to translate    it. We talk about daylight savings time  and how it eventually ruins our lives. It looks like it’s midnight outside.    Millington and Collestopher join us, and before you know it we are laughing out loud. I needed this.

7:00 pm Reading…reading…reading…Queer Theory. I know I souldn’t be confused, but I am!

7:30-8:00 pm Friends drop by to say “HEY!”   I beg Tressy to let me see her drawings. She grudgingly goes up to get them. Mermaids, mermen, fishes, coral, seahorses and turtles. I love the child-like qualities of her drawings. Jimi LP comes in to find out about our homework in Nat.Lit. My  partner calls. It’s becoming a curcus in here, like the other night  when this room suddenly became a casting room for skaters in Lance Hemlock’s new  film.

8:30 pm Little by little they get the hint…and people leave.  We talk and talk and talk. He makes me feel mighty real. Wow we’ve come a long way…He reminds me it’s been  seven years, not six that wev’e been together,  and maybe there’s something really great about being opposites.  Random. Someone sent me a yearbook photo of him today!  Handsome! We talk for hours. I know I should be reading but…you know. He ends by quoting  a song that means a lot to us.

11:00 pm  – 2:oo am Reading…reading… reading…The Lesser  Blessed…The Blue Monkeys of Corruption…  Richard Van Camp…my eyes   are tired. My eyes are ready for some sleep. Richard Van Camp, save me!


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