New Mexico’s First Chinese Lantern Festival Larger Than Life

For the first time ever, Chinese culture arrived in the Land of Enchantment through various art displays that required a month of preparation by Chinese artisans from Zigong Sichuan, capital of the ancient art of lantern-making.

(Photo courtesy of Lesly Montano)

Expo New Mexico hosted the outdoor festival, mimicking Chinese New Year’s brilliant lanterns. It ran for six weeks, from Oct. 6 until Nov. 12””rain or shine starting at 5:30 p.m. until 10 p.m. Visitors were encouraged to take pictures as they were able to gaze upon 30-plus larger-than-life illuminated displays.

(Photo courtesy of
(Photo courtesy of Lesly Montano)

In addition to the brightly lit art, there were nightly performances running 30 minutes long with several acts, some of which included: illusionists, contortion,and plate spinning. Traditional handcrafts by Chinese artisans were showcased each night and for sale, featuring art such as inner bottle painting. Traditional Chinese food and assorted beverages were served.


(Featured Photo Courtesy of Lesly Montano)
















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