What Do You Plan to Do for Winter Break?


Students will have a four-week winter break before the 2018 spring semester begins on Jan. 16. During those four weeks, six students that the IAIA Chronicle talked to plan to go home, relax, and be with their families.

Nick Thomas, a studio arts major and freshman from Prewitt, NM, said that he was going to plan for the spring semester and “invest time and effort for my family.”

John Dixon, an indigenous liberal study major and freshman from Montezuma Creek, Utah also stated that he would be going home during the break. “I’m going to visit my grandparents and my great-grandma, and take pictures on the reservation,” Dixon said

 “I’ll spend some time with my relatives in South Dakota before heading out to work in Seattle for a week,” said Jesse Short Bull, a creative writing major and sophomore from the Badlands of South Dakota. He will also be volunteering with the Fort Robinson Spiritual Outbreak Run in January, in which over 100 Northern Cheyenne middle and high school students will run 400 miles to commemorate the Northern Cheyenne Outbreak from Fort Robinson in 1879.

“Sleep, Read, Sleep, Read”

Meanwhile, Linda Smock, a sculpture major and senior from Albuquerque said that she will mostly spend her time at home making art and cooking for her family. She also said, “I plan to sleep, read, sleep, read.”

Valentina Herrera, an indigenous liberal study major and junior from San Felipe Pueblo said that she planned to be at home as the director of her grandkids’ activities. “I’m already gathering supplies to make their break and my break productive and fun,” Herrera said.

Elleh Driscoll, a studio arts major and sophomore from Iowa said, “For winter break I’m going to go to California for a week with my boyfriend in the Newport Beach area.” She also said that she would be going home to spend time with her family and friends with hopes of getting inspired with art ideas for the next semester.


If You’re in NM During the Holidays

River of Lights

It may seem like there isn’t much to do in New Mexico, and sure, according to USA Today, New Mexico isn’t a “traditional” holiday destination, such as New York, but the ski basin is one perk when living or visiting Santa Fe.

Other fun family events during the wintertime include Albuquerque’s River of Lights, where the Bio Park Botanic Garden is transformed into a lit-up wonderland featuring more than 500 dazzling holiday displays. River of Lights was named one of   “The 15 Most Spectacular Holiday Light Displays in the U.S.” by MSN in November 2016.

 What Else to Do During Winter Break

A blog spot known as the “Odyssey” suggests 17 things to do during winter break including:

1. Visit friends
2. Bake holiday desserts
3. Volunteer
4. Purge your closet
5. Gift shopping
6. Cozy day in
7. Ice skating
8. Christmas tree farm visit
9. Pinterest DIYs
10. Plan a Christmas party
11. Christmas caroling
12. Remodel
13. Clean up
14. Coffee run
15. Work out

16. Learn to cook a good meal

17. Enjoy being home





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