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“Dear Colleague” Letter Will Not Affect IAIA’s Current Title IX Policies

By MATTHEW ROBECK The US Department of Education sent a “Dear Colleague” letter on Sept. 22 to colleges across the US. This letter rolls back Obama era policies that give all US colleges a minimum standard on how they are to handle sexual violence cases, to colleges across the US. Carmen Henan, dean of students,...
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Juggling School and Life Outside the Books

By LINDSEY TOYA-TOSA For many students, school is their top priority; for others, it’s sometimes difficult to focus on school because they have so much going on in their lives. So, how do they take care of an ill or disabled family member, hold a full time job, or drive long distances to make it...
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The IAIA Students’ Bucket Lists

By COURTENEY HANDY College comes in many forms: experiences, emotions, accomplishments, and trials that mold each student to their capabilities and to their unique perspectives, whether it is departure, completion, or incompletion. Enter the Bucket List, a list of things to do before students finish their time at the Institute of American Indian Arts. Every...
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A Kettlebell Workout Improves Strength

by JOANN BISHOP Stop by the IAIA Fitness Center and try out a kettlebell workout!
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A Student’s Perspective: Photography Class Faced Shortages in Materials

By BODERRA JOE As a senior majoring in creative writing, my other passion is photography. A couple years ago, I had taken Intro to Black and White Photography, a different form of art, which involved mixing chemicals and developing prints. It was a given to have supplies for the semester with the right materials. This...
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Becoming a Better Presenter with Performance Art

By VIVIAN CARROLL An invitation arrived by email asking if I’d like to participate in a “Workshop in Live Art” given by the renowned performance and installation artist, James Luna, of Pooyoukitchum, Ipi, and Mexican-American descent.    One thing I’ve learned as a student at IAIA is to be fearless, not to back down even...
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Study Areas Are Needed, Student Says

by BODERRA JOE More study areas are needed on campus so students can complete homework and study for exams, said sophomore Justina Bruns.
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