Opinion: “Trail of Lightning” and the Impact of Misrepresentation, Diné Writers’ Collective

By Deborah Svatos You may have seen the book cover. A young Navajo woman, armed and clad in black, boldly stares into the distance, the strike of lightning illuminating the desert sky behind her. At first glance, it may seem innocent enough. After all, representation is often rightfully considered a valuable thing in popular culture....
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Suina Receives Scholarship to Study in New Zealand

By  Jesse Short Bull   When Hailey Suina submitted an  essay  to  study abroad in New Zealand,  she didn’t realize that her writing  would be  one  of out of 6,797 applications to win  the  full scholarship  from  Education New Zealand and Go Overseas.     On  Nov.  1,  2018  surrounded by family, friends  and instructors...
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Life on the Navajo Reservation: One Family’s Story

By  Hailey  Suina   Emotional and intimate,  the film  “The Blessing”  explores the life of Lawrence Gilmore, a Navajo coal miner struggling with the repercussions of desecrating a sacred mountain in order to provide for his family. Emmy ® Award winning  team  Hunter Robert Baker and Jordan Fein capture the  personal conflicts of a Navajo...
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Poets Share the Truth of Their Words

By  Nancy Beauregard   “Poetry started out as an oral tradition. Before we wrote poems,  we spoke them aloud,” said  poet  Joaquín  Zihuatanejo  at  the Institute of American Indian Arts  on Oct. 4, 2018. The  poetry reading  featured  Zihuatanejo, an IAIA alumnus,  and  Natasha  Carrizosa, both  experts  in  spoken word  poetry  which is  a mix...
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Santa Fe: Oldest Capital in the U.S Overrun with Ghosts?

Are Ghosts Real, or Just a Myth? By SAVANNAH JUNES The city of Santa Fe was erected in the year 1610, making it the oldest capital in the U.S, but could that also make it the most haunted? Antonio R. Garcez, author of New Mexico Ghost Stories, seems to think so. There are many haunted...
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IAIA Benefits from the Land Grant Programs

By COURTENEY HANDY One of the major programs at IAIA, the land grant programs, was established through the 1994 Land Grant & Equity Act. The land grant programs provide  education, teaching, and technical assistance regarding farming for students, faculty, staff, and farmers. The mission of this group is to inform others about Western medicine and...
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The Mystery: Who Cut Off Oñate’s Missing Right Foot?

Is a former IAIA Student Involved? By SAVANNAH JUNES A 20-year-old mystery would be solved in mid-September when a mysterious figure approached famed Cheyenne/Arapaho filmmaker Chris Eyre at La Choza restaurant in Santa Fe, handing him a piece of paper before walking away. Eyre was about to dig into his bowl of posole, when he...
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