The Cruise by Jon Davis

“I never understood the idea of finding your voice,” says Jon Davis, “because I found so many.” This is from the man most famous for his readings as Chuck Calabreze, the raspy-voiced ex-biker who loves cargo pants, bandannas, sunglasses at night, and reading poems on why everyone at a poetry reading is only waiting for...
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Talking Circle: A Time and Place to Share

“Talking Circle” A Time and Place To Share Verenda Dosela Sometimes, the need to feel truly safe and to be able to speak freely without fear of being opposed is like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night. SANTA FE ”“ It is a Thursday night at 6 p.m. I am in the west...
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Carol Melting Tallow has Native Notions

By MELANIE ELLIS SANTA FE – Carol Melting Tallow is a multi-talented 31- year- old aboriginal dancer, designer and entrepreneur from the Blood Nation.     After graduating in 2008 from Lethbridge College in Alberta, Canada, with a degree in fashion design and marketing, she started her own fashion on-line design business called Native Notions....
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Navajo Nation Not Ready for Female President

By PAIGE BUFFINGTON WINDOW ROCK, Ariz.-On the morning of Tues, Nov. 2, Dorothy Shorty, an elder and a member of the Navajo Nation brewed her daily cup of coffee, tuned her radio to KTNN and listened eagerly. It was election Tuesday, with Lynda Lovejoy and Ben Shelly going head to head for the title of...
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Chuck Calabreze, Poet At Large

By MELANIE ELLIS SANTA FE””Have you seen a varmint skulking around campus?   Don’t be too quick to call up Security or go running down the halls like a little school girl.   It’s only the homeless poet, Chuck Calabreze.
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