Boderra Joe

A Student’s Perspective: Photography Class Faced Shortages in Materials

By BODERRA JOE As a senior majoring in creative writing, my other passion is photography. A couple years ago, I had taken Intro to Black and White Photography, a different form of art, which involved mixing chemicals and developing prints. It was a given to have supplies for the semester with the right materials. This...
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IAIA Bookstore Desires to Draw in Readers

By BODERRA JOE It’s the end of the semester and students are returning their rented course books to the campus bookstore. But why don’t students or staff buy other books from the bookstore?
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Study Areas Are Needed, Student Says

by BODERRA JOE More study areas are needed on campus so students can complete homework and study for exams, said sophomore Justina Bruns.
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Two Students Place Style into IAIA T-shirts

by BODERRA JOE Seeing the need for more creativity in t-shirt designs at IAIA, two enterprising studio arts seniors have designed their own t-shirts, using spray paint and stencil. Looking at IAIA’s school t-shirts from an artistic perspective, Amanda Beardsley and Justus Benally found them dreary.
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Students Desire More Activities On-Campus

by BODERRA JOE When there’s not much going on after classes during the weekdays on the IAIA campus, students tend to lounge around in their room. One of those students is a studio arts major who finds himself contemplating what he should do when there are no activities taking place on a specific day.
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